Monday, September 8, 2008

Nurse to Patient Ratio for CRRT

The nurse to patient ratio for a patient on continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) should be 1:1, don't let anyone tell you different. This is the ratio that I've seen the most, so hospitals are aware of the high demands CRRT patients and the device itself place on nursing. It is a complicated device and the patients require special attention, everything needs to be constantly monitored and updated. If your hospital's ratio is less than 1:1 then I would really look into it.

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Chisca said...

How do you "look in to it"? I can find no recomendations as to staffing that are evidence based. I know that acuity measurements should justify 1:1 but systems such as TISS (therapeutic intervention scoring system) do not have a value for CRRT based on nursing hours required. I really cringe every time someone in management says you're just writing down numbers so whats the big deal but where is the evidence to justify 1:1?